Dedicated to Business Solutions

Dedicated to Business Solutions

about us

Panglobia Group was founded out of a passion for international trade and business development. Starting out in Europe and presently headquartered in China, the group now boasts a presence in multiple jurisdictions and offices in Malta, Poland, the US, China & Hong Kong. Our partners and clients in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas range from small-to-medium businesses and sole traders, to large enterprises and publicly listed companies.

With a heavy focus on business development, we help our partners expand their business while improving their products and services to reach their full potential. We match businesses and opportunities throughout our network and are constantly on the lookout for new projects to play a role in.

what we do

Panglobia provides the services of a motivated and highly competent team of individuals with years of experience and expertise in business development and execution. We take great pride in supporting our clients’ and partners’ business operations. We understand that every business is unique therefore our services, fees, and the role we take on in projects are tailored to the requirements of the other party, or as the situation necessitates. Get in touch with us for a consultancy session to see how we can help with your business operations.



Panglobia Supplies was registered in China as Panglobia (Ningbo) Merchant Services Co., Ltd 庞亚环世(宁波)贸易服务有限公司 as part of China’s One Belt One Road initiative. Our China office is situated in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, one of the busiest ports in the world, and one of China’s FTZs (Free Trade Zones).

In China we act on behalf of foreign clients to facilitate both outgoing and incoming trade. We are actively involved in supplying various overseas businesses with products from China, whilst making inroads into supplying the Chinese domestic market as well. Our client portfolio includes 5-star hotels, real estate and construction companies, pharmaceutical suppliers, automotive parts distributors and supermarket chains.


Are you looking to acquire a foothold in new markets? Have an interesting opportunity that requires funding or that extra push? We are always interested in hearing of projects we can play a role in, especially in emerging markets. With our experience, presence, and network, we are confident Panglobia has something to bring to the table. Our approach rests on the belief that alliances should be mutually beneficial. If you would like to partner with Panglobia please provide a detailed non-confidential package that describes the opportunity.

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17, Granaries Junction, Floriana, FRN 1183 – MALTA

2/F, Central & Eastern Europe Entrepreneurship & Innovation Centre, No. 189 Renmin Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang – CHINA

Room 10, 1/F, Wellborne Commercial Centre, 8 Java Road, North Point – HONG KONG

ul. Wodna 6, 30-556 Kraków – POLAND

6306 North Cicero, Chicago IL 60646 - USA

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